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11/16 Update

Ordering has
ENDED for 2020

We are
SOLD OUT for 2020
as of 11/15

Our 2020 Schedule
was posted in July
& updated weekly


This 2020 Season we have
MUCH LESS firewood
than past seasons.

100% of our wood
is delivered.

All of our wood
is sold online.

November ordering
is for repeat
customers ONLY.

Website inventory
updated daily.

If it's not on the site
then it's not available.


This website services
Central & Western Suffolk

You are not required
to be home for delivery.

Sorry, we do not have
any available pickup.

All of our firewood
is delivered in bags.

Bags are neatly offloaded
directly behind safe truck access.

Additional stacking is
an optional service
that can be requested
during Check Out.

For more info visit our :

FAQ Page
Delivery Page

Did You Know ?

bought in stores
costs $1400
to $1700+ per cord.

Read more

KD Firewood in stores
is overdried
& it burns too fast.

Store bought firewood
charges 8.625% sales tax.
We collect 2.5% to deliver.

Much firewood
sold in stores
is produced


It takes (3) face cords
to make (1) true cord

It takes (3) rows of (4 x 8)
to make (1) true cord.

Unscrupulous sellers offer
face cords & (4 x 8) rows
so you dont know
their true cord price.


We are the only
U.S. firewood company with
a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

We have the only
24/7 firewood ordering
& delivery scheduling.

Our KILN DRIED Firewood
is up to 70% more efficient
than "seasoned" firewood.

We have never advertised.
All of our customers
are referred by friends & family.

KILN DRIED Starter (long) Stage #2

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Price: $0 +

e-mail for more info

"Fatwood" & Duraflames have very low temperatures & are not good starters. Our hardwoods starter is the right way to start a fire.

Our KILN DRIED Long Starter is easy to light & produces the red hot coal base that is the foundation for any successful fire. This is always one of our most popular products.

*** SOLD OUT for 2020 ***

Wood Type: Kiln Dried ?

Species: mixed hardwoods ?

BTU Rating: 20 to 27 ?

Split Diameter: very small to small ?

Length: 10 to 16 inches ?

Volume: 1.0 cu ft ave. ?

Packaging: polypro bag ?

Rec. Use: Stage #2 starter ?

e-Mail for KILN DRIED Starter (long) Stage #2


KILN DRIED Hardwoods
Starter & Firewood

Starter (long)
Stage #2


"Fatwood" & Duraflames have very low temperatures & are not good starters. Ou...

KD Firewood
1/8 Cord
= (8) bags


A true 1/8 cord delivered in (8) large bags that are easy to handle & store. ...




This rack will hold over 1/8 cord and comes with a cover...


This rack stores shy of 1/4 cord and comes with a cover...


This rack can hold over 1/3 cord and comes with a cover...

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