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Firewood Delivery to Central & Western Suffolk County


Eastern Suffolk customers visit : Hamptons Firewood

Nassau County customers visit : Nassau Firewood

Ordering November 2020 Firewood

Nov is Reserved for Repeat customers ONLY Sorry, you must be a REPEAT CUSTOMER to order for November 2020 delivery.
Repeat = minimum of (2) Suffolk County deliveries from 2019 or earlier.
Confirm your e-mail
used for past orders.
Check the e-mail address that you used in the past by viewing Order Tracking page.

*** Send us your correct e-mail address or we cant verify your past orders. ***
Delivery address Delivery must be made to the same Central or Western Suffolk County address as your past orders.
Ordering Maximum Repeat customers can schedule ONE November delivery for a MAXIMUM of 1/4 cord.
How to Order
for November
All November ordering will be done by private links.
**** Use the button below to e-mail us for your private ordering link ****

e-mail us from the same address that was used for previous orders.
**** A reply will be sent within 24 hours ***
December ordering December ordering will be available to all customers.
We anticipate December ordering opening as early as 10/24

I am a Repeat Customer : Requesting NOV Ordering Link

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