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How you store your firewood is very important. Even the best firewood can be ruined if it is stored incorrectly. Allow your firewood to breathe in the sun and open air and your wood will remain optimal while being stored .
*** Covering firewood completely with a tarp is not recommended. For best results, only cover the top. ***
Tarps create moisture barriers that promote water buildup that may lead to fungus, mold and pest problems.

Using a firewood rack is strongly recommended for storing your wood. It keeps the wood off the ground and allows for proper air flow while organizing your wood in a manner that makes it easy to use throughout the Winter. The correct type of rack will depend on how much room you have, how much wood you store and your budget.

Firewood racks are good for storing large amounts of firewood at a distance from your home.
Log Hoops are best for storing smaller amounts close to your house.

Most firewood racks are either 3 or 4 feet in height. The most common sizes will store 1/8, to 1/4 to 1/2 cord. To store more firewood than 1/2 cord you should buy multiple racKs. The larger racks tend to become quite unstable when loaded with more than 1/2 cord & most people dont have room for larger racks. A ( 3 x 4 ) foot rack will hold 1/8 cord of 16 inch length wood.
A ( 3 x 8 ) foot rack will store 1/4 cord of 16 inch length wood. A ( 3 x 16 ) foot rack will store 1/2 cord of 16 inch length wood.
If you firewood is not a standard 16 inch length then your volume per rack will vary.

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