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L.I. Firewood Stacking

Liability & Safety

- Stacking requires an adult be at home.
- We are prohibited from entering your property when no one is home.
- This policy insures the safety of your property & our employees.
- If no one is home, we can only offload in driveway.

What is stacking ?

- Delivery includes driveway offloading directly behind safe truck access.
- Any further movement of bags = Stacking Services.
- Stacking Services must be requested during checkout.

Stacking Fees & Payment

- Charges are $10 per 1/8 cord.
- Fees must be paid in cash to driver.

Stacking Guidelines

- We do not remove firewood from bags.
- Driver must have safe & quick access to stacking area.
- Distance must be no more than 50 ft from truck access.
- We do not stack indoors.
- We do not go up/down stairs or steep inclines.
- Driver may refuse any stacking.
- Stacking is not a condition of your delivery & is not always available.
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