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Log Splitters

Buying your own log splitter is a great way to produce your own quality firewood. Every situation requires a different machine and a quality gas powered log splitter will cost from $1000 to $6000+. At an average price of $250 per cord you'll need to do the math to see when you'll break even with your investment. Don't forget to add in the cost for gas, repairs, your labor and accessory tools (such as chainsaws) that you will need for the job. If you split and stack your wood correctly the season before, you'll never have to buy firewood again. If you do run out of wood, we'll be here!

My Top 10 Tips When Buying a Log Splitter

  1. The capacity of the motor and shaft should have a constant splitting force of at least 12 tons. More than 30 tons is heavy duty.
  2. Choose a motor that will run economically on gas, as well as being quiet.
  3. The cycle time determines the length of time the shaft takes to return from a fully extended position. Anything longer than 15 seconds is slow.
  4. Make sure the weight of the splitter is suitable for moving the machine by hand. More than 1,000 lbs. can be difficult moving by hand.
  5. Horizontal splitters are what firewood processors use. Vertical splitters can be back breaking and they do not allow gravity to assist.
  6. Check the operating height of the main shaft. Too high is bad for large logs, too low is bad for your back (especially if you're tall).
  7. Multiple splitting wedges can be useful if you have big logs and don't mind large diameter splits.
  8. The machine should have tires, axles, fenders and lights suitable for over 40 MPH if transporting frequently long distances.
  9. Optional accessories, such as lifts, are fine but try the splitter without the gadgets first. I've made my best accessories.
  10. Buy from a reputable company that offers replacement shafts, pumps and other splitter specific parts.

North Star Log Splitters

North Star log splitters offer a variety of affordable models that allows you to match the model with your general usage.
They are rated by the TON of force exerted by the hydraulic piston that moves the splitting wedge.

  • 22 ton = Medium duty. Optimal for homeowner use. Economical on gas.
  • 30 ton = Heavy duty. Ideal for many applications. Slow cycle time.
  • 37 ton = Heavy duty. Light industrial use. Fair price.

eBay Log Splitter Auctions

eBay is always a good place to find deals. Just be careful when purchasing a log splitter here. The models tend to be discontinued from a few years ago and use off brand engines. The shipping costs can also add substantially to your purchase. Be sure to buy only new log splitters from reputable delears. Ask them all questions before purchasing.

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