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L.I. Firewood - "Burn the Best"

KILN DRIED Firewood for Central & Western Suffolk County

*** Deliveries are BOOKED thru 11/14 ***
1/8 cord max per bag delivery in November.
Bag deliveries will end for the season 11/28
You can pick up a 1/4 cord or more of LOOSE firewood.

Repeat Customer Pick Up

Sorry, our firewood pick up is available to our
***** 3500+ Repeat Customers ONLY *****

Due to circumstances beyond our control,
we will have much less bagged firewood available this season.
Pick up of LOOSE firewood is supplementing our bag deliveries.
*** New pick up dates announced regularly ***

About Pick Up

What firewood is available for pick up? We have LOOSE kiln dried firewood ONLY for pick up. NO bagged firewood available.
Vehicle loading? LOOSE firewood (on racks) is self-service = customers load their own vehicle.
We load Supersacks (into your truck) with our machine.
You can request we load your loose firewood ($10 per 1/8 cord)
but our limited employees can sometimes have multiple customers.
Where is the location? Pick up will be at one of our North Fork locations.
Location info shown on Order Tracking page 24 hours in advance of pick up date.
When are pick up dates? Maximum of one pick up date per week (9am to 3pm).
Date announced a few days before ordering opens.
We cannot do multiple pick up days any week in October.
No Oct weekend pick up dates due to heavy traffic jams from North Fork visitors.
What about rain? Pick up date will be rescheduled if steady rain is forecasted.
Rescheduled date will be day before or after.
You will be notified by e-mail of the new date.
When is ordering? Ordering dates open a maximum of 5 days in advance of pick up.
= new ordering available each week.
No pick ups during heavy rain = we must verify forecast in advance of ordering.
Firewood Demand & Limited Availability For the past 3 seasons, increasing demand has far outpaced our production capacity.
We have 3500+ dedicated repeat customers that we try to serve fairly.
We always do our best, but not all customers will receive firewood this season.
**** Each week we have limited production = availability ****
How long will pick up dates be available? Future projected pick up dates may be suspended or permanently end at any time.
We are literally doing this week-by-week.

About Ordering

Can I place an order? **** Ordering is for REPEAT CUSTOMERS ONLY ****
How do I order? **** 100% of ordering is done online ****
Where do I pick up? All pick ups are at one of our North Fork facilities.
Pick up info shown on Order Tracking page 24 hours in advance of pick up date.
When is my pick up date? The product you order shows the Pick Up date.
There is NO other pick up date option.
ONLY 1 pick up date per week
What if I cant pick up my order on the pick up date? Orders not picked up on date scheduled are immediately cancelled.
Cancelled orders are refunded minus a 10% cancellation fee to cover our costs incurred.
How much can I order? You can choose to pick up 1/8 or 1/4 cord. There is a 1/4 cord online ordering maximum.
Varying products MAY SOMETIMES be available during pick up for CASH SALES.
How much will my vehicle hold? Some SUV interiors will not fit 1/4 cord. You can damage your interior trying to fit 1/4 cord.
Order 1/8 cord if unsure, then buy more wood that day to fill rest.
Multiple orders? Multiple orders placed will be cancelled. Please be fair & let others get their firewood.
Priority will be given to customers who have not yet ordered this season.
How many orders available per pick up date? There is a very limited amount of orders available each pick up date.
As the weather gets colder pick up firewood will sell out very quickly.

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