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KILN DRIED Firewood for Central & Western Suffolk County

*** Our final pick up date was Sun. 03/13 ***

We are closed as of 03/14

About Pick Up

How do I order? Ordering has ended
What firewood is available for pick up? We had LOOSE kiln dried firewood for pick up ONLY.
When is my pick up date? The product you order shows the pick up date & hours.
There are NO other pick up date/time options.
*** Do not order if you cant pick up on the date specified ***
Where is the location? Pick up will be at one of our Riverhead locations.
03/13 location info shown on Order Tracking page for completed orders
Vehicle loading? LOOSE firewood (on racks) is self-service = customers load their own vehicle.
We load Supersacks (into your truck) with our machine.
You can request we load your loose firewood ($10 per 1/8 cord)
but our limited employees can sometimes have multiple customers.
March pick up dates ? ****** We ONLY had 2 March pick up dates & then closed. *******
The final date was Sun. 03/13
When is ordering? Ordering for Sun. 03/13 has ended.
Firewood Availability This was OUR LAST FIREWOOD EVER !!!
Production has ended & we have sold the last of our inventory.

About Ordering

How do I order? Ordering has ended.
Where do I pick up? All pick ups are at one of our Riverhead facilities.
03/13 location info shown on Order Tracking page for completed orders.
What if I cant pick up my order on the pick up date? Orders not picked up on date scheduled are cancelled.
Cancelled orders are refunded minus a 10% cancellation fee to cover our costs incurred.
(Except in the case of rescheduled rain dates.)
How much can I order? You can choose to pick up 1/8, 1/4 or 1/3 cord .
Varying products were also available during pick up for CASH purchases.
How much will my vehicle hold? SUVs will fit 1/8 cord easily. You can damage your interior trying to fit more.
Order 1/8 cord if unsure, then buy more wood that day to fill rest.
How many orders available per pick up date? There were a very limited amount of orders available each pick up date.
Questions? If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail by using our Contact form.
Just click the CONTACT button on the top of this page.

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