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Sorry, we are not open to the public. 100% of our firewood is delivered.

Do you deliver to my town ?

We deliver to Nassau & Suffolk County only.
If you live in Central or Western Suffolk you must order from L.I. Firewood
Eastern Suffolk County residents order from Hamptons Firewood
Nassau County residents order from Nassau Firewood

Can I pick up firewood ?

100% of our firewood is delivered.
Our weekly production is always sold in advance, so there is no inventory available for pick up.

How do I order from L.I. Firewood ?

100% of our ordering is done online. Our online ordering is available 24/7.
You must order from the correct website that serves your area.
L.I. Firewood
Hamptons Firewood
Nassau Firewood

What type of payments are accepted ?

Your online order can be paid with Visa, Mastercard or Discover. We also accept digital payments (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.).

Can I pay the driver in cash ?

All firewood orders must be prepaid online via credit card or digtal currency.

Can I place my order over the phone ?

We are unable to accept any phone orders. All ordering must be done through our online system. This insures the accuracy of your order and also protects your credit card information.

Do you have a retail store or place that I can pick up firewood ?

100% of firewood is delivered. At this time, we do not have a retail store or place to pick up firewood.

Can I buy a full cord ? more ?

Our maximum discounted quantity is 1/2 cord. The maximum delivery limit is 1/2 cord (& less during times of high volume). Multiple purchases can be made, but different delivery dates will be schedule for each order. Multiple delivery dates will be at least 1 week apart.

Is there a delivery charge ? Sales tax ?

There is a delivery charge. It is calculated during checkout. Your delivery charge will depend on the volume purchased & your distance from our facility. The minimum delivery charge is $30. We collect a 2.5% Suffolk County Fuel Delivery Tax. In Nassau County there is no County Fuel Delivery Tax.

Are there any discounts ? or wholesale/bulk sales ? ?

L.I. Firewood does not offer any further discounting. We have the lowest KILN DRIED firewood home delivery pricing in the Tri-Sate area and work on very small profit margins. L.I. Firewood delivers to residential customers & commercial restaurant accounts. We do not sell wholesale or in bulk.

Do you change your firewood prices when it gets colder ? warmer ?

L.I. Firewood does not change it pricing. Our KILN DRIED firewood pricing is set in the beginning of August and remains the same until we close for the Winter.

What is KILN DRIED firewood ?

KILN DRIED firewood is very high quality firewood that is dried in large industrial ovens (kilns). It is dried the same way lumber is dried for the building industry and it is the only way to consistently produce high quality firewood every time. Even during the cold winter months, KILN DRIED firewood can be produced within a few days and the result is a very high quality firewood that is free of bugs & mold/fungus.

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Is KILN DRIED firewood better than "seasoned" firewood ?

KILN DRIED firewood is the highest quality firewood available. It is much more efficient than "seasoned" firewood, so you can use less & have hotter fires. "Seasoned" firewood varies greatly in moisture content (over 30%) and many times will not burn correctly. KILN DRIED firewood has a consistently low moisture content (less than 30%) that results in optimal BTU efficiency & a pleasant burning experience.

Click Here to Compare KILN DRIED vs. Seasoned Firewood

What is a cord ?

A cord is the only legal measurment of firewood. It is a volume measuring a total of 128 cu ft when stacked loosely. It is generally defined as a "loosely stacked pile of firewood that is 4 feet high x 4 feet wide x 8 feet long". A cord can be stacked in any way as long as the total cubic foot volume measures 128 cu ft. Cords can range anywhere from 600 to 1000+ pieces depending on the average length & diameter of each piece.

What is kindling (starter) ?

Kindling (starter) are small pieces of dry wood that is used to start a fire. For best reults it should be a hardwood that is very dry. Using kindling provides the established hot amber coal base that will insure a successful iginition of larger firewood logs. Accelerants that can be purchased in stores (Duraflames, Fat Wood, etc.) are not a substitue for kindling, as these accelerants only produce flame and not the coals that have the higher temperatures required to fully ignite larger pieces.

How much firewood should I buy ?

Our average customer buys 1/4 cord at a time and then reorders weeks in advance of needing more. A 1/4 cord will fill a (3x8) firewood rack. If you live further from our Riverhead facility, you may want to order 1/2 cord to save on delivery fees.

Is your KILN DRIED firewood really 100% Guaranteed ?

Yes. We are so confident that our KILN DRIED firewood is dry that it comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. So every purchase is risk-free. Just ask any other firewood seller if they will guarantee that their firewood is dry.

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Is your KILN DRIED firewood delivered loose, on pallets or in bags ?

All of our our KILN DRIED firewood is delivered in bags. We do not deliver firewood loose or on pallets. The bags have a reclosable wire tie and can be stored indoors or outdoors (in cold weather). Outdoor storage must follow correct practices to maintain the integrity of each bag. The bags should be kept out of direct sunlight for long periods of time.

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What types of firewood do you sell ?

We sell KILN DRIED firewood. We only produce firewood from premium hardwoods. Our Hardwoods Mix is our most popular type of firewood. Sometimes (early in the season ) we also have specialty woods available in limited quantities. Specialty woods may include : Ash, Cherry & Hickory.

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What length is your firewood cut at ?

Our standard firewood is cut at 15 to 16 inches. That is the industry standard length so volumes can be measured consistently & each piece fits correctly in stoves and on firewood racks. Sorry, we do not produce custom smaller or lenger lengths.

What diameter is your firewood cut at ?

Our firewood diameter will vary depending on the type of firewood. Each product page lists the average diameter for that specific wood.

Does your firewood have bark ?

Our standard Hardwoods Mix is produced most times without bark. During peak season, we may only have Hardwoods Mix with bark. All of our specialty woods are processed with the bark intact.

Does your firewood have bugs ?

Our KILN DRIED firewood is USDA Certified bug & larvae free. The high temperatures achieved inside of the kiln kill all insects & larvae. Incorrect outdoor storage of the firewood after delivery can reintroduce bugs, as well as promote mold & mildew growth.

Why are there so many different types of firewood ?

Not all firewood is the same. Each different type of firewood has unique burning characteristics. Choosing the right type of firewood will provide the greatest efficiency & BTU rating (heat). It is truly a matter of personal preference for the type of firewood that you will prefer. There is no "wrong" or "better" firewood. IF YOU ARE UNFAMILIAR WITH THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF FIREWOOD, IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED YOU ORDER OUR KILN DRIED HARDWOODS MIX.

Does L.I. firewood sell Oak ?

L.I. Firewood does not produce very much Oak firewood. It has been our experience that Oak does not dry or burn consistently. Oak is prone to stubborn burning & smoldering, resulting in a poor overall efficiency and burning experience. Occassionally we will produce very small amounts of Oak, when there are hardwood timber shortages.

Is stacking included ? Do I prepay stacking fees ?

STACKING SERVICES ARE NOT INCLUDED WITH YOUR PURCHASE.Since our firewood is delivered in bags, most customers find they do not need stacking services because the bags are easy to handle. You may request additional stacking services during Step # 3 of Checkout. ALL REQUESTED STACKING SERVICES ARE PAID TO THE DRIVER WHO PERFORMS THE SERVICE. We do not charge your credit card for stacking services at the time of your checkout. Due to NYS Liabilty regulations, someone must be home during the delivery or the driver is prohibited from performing any stacking services.

How do I schedule my firewood delivery ? How is it confirmed ?

You will pick your preferred delivery date during Step # 2 of your online checkout. Within 48 hours of pruchase your delivery date will be confirmed. On the delivery day, the driver calls within 30 minutes of arriving. Your order status can always be viewed online be using our Order Tracking button on the top right of any page.

Do I have to be home for the delivery ?

You do not have to be home for your firewood delivery. More than 50% of our deliveries are made when no one is at home. Yu must only be home if you need stacking services performed.

How fast can I get my delivery ?

Delivery times vary & may be as long as 4 to 6 weeks. ORDER EARLY & DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE. We have 100s of customers & many order weeks in advance. We are unable to deliver a newly placed order ahead of those that have been waiting.

What days do you deliver on ?

During peak season (Sept. thru Dec.) we deliver up to 5 days per week. We are always closed on Mondays & Tuesdays. Weekend delivery dates book up the fastest. Order well in advance to be sure to receive a Saturday or Sunday delivery confirmation.

Can I pick a specific day & time for my delivery ?

You may request a delivery date, but it is not an appointment. Times will vary greatly. Suffolk County deliveries are usually made during the first 1/2 of the day. Nassau County deliveries are usually made in the afternoon & early evening. In some cases your delivery may be delayed. Should your delivery be delayed we will notifiy you via e-mail as soon as possible. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO BE HOME FOR THE DELIVERY.

How & where will my firewood be delivered ?

Your firewood will be delivered in bags. The delivery includes the trucking compnay neatly piling the bags directly behind wherever the large truck can safely access. ANY FURTHER MOVEMENT OF THE BAGS IS CONSIDERED STACKING & REQUIRES ADDITIONAL PAYMENT TO COMPENSATE DRIVERS FOR THE ADDITIONAL TIME SPENT & LIABILTY RISKS ASSUMED WHILE MAKING YOUR DELIVERY.

Can I split my delivery for 2 different addresses ?

Each online order must be made to a single address. Our independently contracted trucking company charges us per delivery address & stop. Orders cannot be split between multiple addresses.

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